Travel Agency Errors and Omissions Insurance

You are a travel agent, working hard to make your clients happy during their vacation and travel. That process takes time and careful planning but sometimes mistakes are made. Protect yourself, your company, and your livelihood with an errors and omissions insurance policy.

What is the purpose of E&O Insurance?

To protect you! In Canada, a travel agency can be sued, particularly in today’s litigious environment. Unhappy clients or people who feel harmed, can ruin a business. Depending on your coverage and policy, you can be protected against

• Negligence / Mistakes made during the travel booking process
• Destruction or loss of personal documents

With either an annual or monthly premium, you can work knowing you are covered while performing your job. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.

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What is the cost?

Your needs will be different depending on the number of employees and revenue. So, we can’t provide a general figure. Detailed responses by you are required, and then the insurance policy is tailored to your needs and budget.

What does Canadian Law require?

This varies province to province.

In Ontario, to operate a travel agency you must register yourself with the Travel Industry Council of Ontario and travel counsellors/supervisors must pass the education exam 1. Are you ready for a quote?

To discuss your insurance needs, contact us at Toll Free 1-888-400-4814 or email contact@errorsandomissionsinsurance.ca.

Kirpal Multani, C.A.I.B (Hons.)
Registered Insurance Broker Ontario

Travel Agency Errors and Omissions Insurance also referred as Professional Liability Insurance

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