Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

Directors and Officers (D&O) insurance are often confused with professional liability insurance or errors and omissions insurance. Directors and officers insurance protects the failure to perform the duties of the management or claims made against management, directors and officers for alleged failures or wrongful acts. Errors and omissions or professional liability provides coverage for the performance of products failure, negligence, errors or omission of services provided and not the performance and duties of directors and officers.

Directors and Officers of corporations may face personal liability for their errors or omissions or actions in performing their duties on behalf of the corporations they serve. There are many pieces of legislation that impact the personal liability of those who sit on boards of for profit corporations as well as non-profit organizations.

Directors and Officers Liability insurance policy offers coverage for the directors and officers of a corporation, or for the organization itself, to cover damages or defense costs in the event they suffer losses as a result of a lawsuit for alleged wrongful acts while performing their duties in their capacity as directors and officers for the organization.

Directors and Officers Liability insures corporate directors and officers against claims, usually by shareholders, stakeholders, employees, regulators, investors and third parties, alleging loss arising from mismanagement. An outside Directorship Liability policy is available as well that provides additional protection to ensure exposure associated with a director, officer or employee of an organization that works as an outside director.

Directors & Officers (D&O) Liability policy protects corporations and the personal assets of the directors and officers! There are many insurers offering Directors & Officers Liability insurance policies in Canada and our office deals with almost all insurers. We find the insurers that provide the best suitable coverage according to the very distinct needs of our clients.

Directors & Officers Liability policy is available for individuals, corporations, associations, institutions.

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Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

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